Clinical Trials

We are excited to announce that Manley Animal Hospital will be holding clinical trails evaluating cutting edge treatments for both dogs and cats. Clients that elect to participate in these clinical trials will receive treatment, diagnostic testing, and blood work on their pets at no charge. By participating, clients commit to attending scheduled appointments, logging observations at home, and more.

Speak with your veterinarian for a full list of obligations and to see if your pet qualifies for participation. Other area veterinarians may refer patients for these trials, and you do not have to be an active client of Manley Animal Hospital to participate.

Current clinical trials include:

  • Arthritis in cats
  • Arthritis in dogs
  • Diabetes in cats - an oral alternative to insulin injections
  • Flea control for dogs
    • Manley Animal Hospital is participating in a clinical study for new flea control. Pet owners receive FREE flea product for up to 3 months as part of study enrollment.
    • Starting October 1st, every Monday at 8:00 a.m.
  • Kidney failure in cats — a medication to combat the anemia that frequently occurs with kidney failure
  • Kidney failure in dogs — a treatment that shows promise slowing down the progression of the disease

If your pet is suffering from any of these ailments, schedule an appointment today to see if a clinical trial is right for your pet.

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