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Veterinary Services

In the event that your pet should become ill, our doctors are always prepared to provide the best possible care to your pet. Manley Animal Hospital has a complete laboratory which allows for results on bloodwork, urinalysis, and fecal analysis in a matter of minutes. In the event that your pet should require diagnostic imaging or hospitalization our veterinarians and well-trained staff will provide exceptional care to your pet.

Visit our FAQ page for answers to frequent medical questions, and our policies page for administrative answers.

Emergency Services

Dog at Manley Animal Hospital receiving treatment for broken leg

Manley Animal Hospital offers emergency services to our established clients, and one of our veterinarians is on call 24 hours a day.

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Wellness Health Care

Older dog enjoying birthday cake

Manley Animal Hospital is committed to providing your pet with exceptional preventative health care.

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Boarding Services

Puppy asleep in his owner's lap

Manley Animal Hospital offers excellent pet boarding facilities for established clients. We strive to ensure our boarding facilities are well-maintained and that your pet is safe and cared for.

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Surgical Services

Veterinarian bandaging a dog's paw

Our well-trained and experienced veterinarians are capable of providing advanced orthopedic and soft tissue surgical services.

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Internal Medicine

Older couple playing with their dog

Our doctors are very knowledgeable about both common and uncommon diseases that affect dogs and cats and are experts at diagnosing and treating various illnesses.

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Stem Cell Therapy

Dog running back with a ball

Our advanced stem cell therapy uses your pet’s own stem cells for treatment. Because the stem cells come from your pet’s own body and are adult cells, there are no ethical or moral concerns.

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Pain Management

Little girl and cat playing outside

Our doctors take full advantage of improvements in pain management and require pain management with all surgical procedures that may cause your pet pain during recovery.

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Exotic Pets

Hamster close up

Our veterinary staff would be happy to assist you with any medical or husbandry concerns you may have with your unique pet.

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Boy playing with dog

By performing regular dental cleanings we are able to maintain good dental hygiene, reduce the risk of developing dental disease and the need for extractions, and keep your pet’s breath fresh.

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Microchip Implantation

Dog jumping to catch a ball

We provide microchip implantation using the AKC REUNITE microchip that can be read by any universal microchip reader.

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Pet Care Products

Golden retriever getting a bath

At Manley Animal Hospital, we believe that your pet is worthy of quality pet care products from brands you can trust.

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