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Laser Technology

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In addition to conventional surgery, we also offer many surgeries using Cutting Edge laser technology. Laser surgery seals nerve endings and blood vessels. This reduces intraoperative bleeding, pain, and reduces swelling post operatively. This correlates with less pain and quicker healing for your pet. Laser surgery can be used with many surgeries performed at our hospital, but it is especially beneficial with tumor removals and declaws.

We also offer therapeutic Harmony laser treatment for a variety of uses. This laser therapy provides pain management and stimulates healing by dilating microvasculature. This is a wonderful therapeutic option for painful conditions such as osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia. Laser therapy is also very helpful with post-operative pain management and wound healing. A great benefit to using laser therapy is that there are no drug interactions and virtually no side effects. This means your pet can receive laser therapy safely with many diseases or along with his/her current medications.

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