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Surgical Services

Veterinarian bandaging a dog's paw

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Our well-trained and experienced veterinarians are capable of providing advanced orthopedic and soft tissue surgical services.

Taking the Risks Seriously

Any time a general anesthetic is administered to your pet, either by injection or by inhalant (gas), there is a risk of complications. We take this risk very seriously. For this reason, we require IV catheter and intraoperative IV fluid therapy for almost all surgical procedures. IV fluid therapy helps maintain blood perfusion of vital organs during anesthesia and also allows immediate access to your pet’s blood stream with life-saving medications if required.

In addition, we monitor pets having most surgical procedures with pulse oximetry, EKG, and respiratory monitors while they are under anesthesia. We understand that we cannot control or prevent every possible complication, but we are committed to having the proper knowledge and equipment necessary to provide your pet with the safest care possible.

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