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Stem Cell Therapy

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Our advanced stem cell therapy uses your pet’s own stem cells for treatment. Because the stem cells come from your pet’s own body and are adult cells, there are no ethical or moral concerns. This new proprietary treatment utilizes the body’s own regenerative capabilities.

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Powerful Healing

Stem cells are powerful healing cells in your pet’s body that can become other types of cells. There are many adult stem cells in fat tissue, however they are inactive. Our stem cell therapy allows us to isolate stem cells from your pet’s own (autologous) fat tissue, activate them, and reintroduce them directly into damaged tissue. For example, in the case of arthritis, pain can be reduced and mobility increases by introducing stem cells that become new cartilage cells and have natural anti-inflammatory properties. This treatment is very low risk and offers an all-natural alternative to drugs and steroids.

Proven Relief

Stem cell therapy for animals has been commercially available since 2004 and had been used in over 10,000 treatments to date. All processing of stem cell therapy is done in our office and is very safe.

The typical patient has osteoarthritis, soft tissue injuries or needs accelerated healing of fractures. Improvement in the pet’s condition usually starts about 3 weeks after treatment. Usually the pet will have 1-4 years of relief after the initial treatment.

To see if your pet is a good candidate for stem cell therapy, schedule your appointment today.

* Information provided courtesy of MediVet Biologics, www.medivetbiologics.com

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