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Microchip Implantation

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Every year, millions of pets get lost from their owners, and, unfortunately, not all of them make it back home . At Manley Animal Hospital, we want to help ensure that your pet has everything they need to return to you safely.

Giving your pet a collar with id tags is a great first step, however, collars can break off, and tags can wear out becoming unreadable. You can increase the odds of your pet coming home to you by also having your pet microchipped.

We provide microchip implantation using the AKC REUNITE microchip, which can be read by any universal microchip reader. When your pet is microchipped at Manley Animal Hospital you will receive a lifelong online registration and a tag to place on your pet’s collar to announce that they have a home, and our trained personnel will complete the registration for you so your visit is hassle free.

Our chips are 15-digits in length and meet the International Standards Organization standards, specifically ISO Standard 11784 compliant. Your pet will need this specific type of microchip for international travel.

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