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Andrew Manley, DVM

Dr Andrew Manley Manley

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Continuing the Family Legacy

Dr. Andrew Manley has worked in a veterinary clinic for most of his life, growing up as a fourth-generation veterinarian. He spent three years of his veterinary training in the Cayman Islands where he spent time working with exotic animal species. He was a teaching assistant to the pathology department, which worked with the Cayman government on countless exotic species including a whale, flamingo’s, Iguanas, and many more species. While on Island he had a class size of 7 people with one-on-one mentorship sessions with specialists from all over the world. Dr. Andrew continued his veterinary education by going to spend a year in the Oklahoma State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. He then spent time working in the field of small animal emergency and critical care medicine and worked overnight shifts, weekends and holidays to continue to refine his skills.

Dr. Andrew has obtained certificates in Emergency and critical care, Anesthesia, Soft tissue surgery including traumatic thoracic wounds, oncologic surgery such as lung lobectomy, liver lobectomy, splenectomy and more, abdominal surgerys including diaphragmatic hernias, emergency gal bladder surgerys, gi surgery, urinary surgery. He has been trained in fracture repair including long bone, pelvic and spinal fracture. He has attended training in minimally invasive surgery including minimally invasive cholecystectomy, gastropexy, and minimally invasive spinal surgery (hemilaminectomy). He has also been certified in juvenile pelvic symphodyesis, femoral head and neck ostectomy, cappsulhoraphy, toggle suture, knee surgerys such as lateral suture stabilization technique and medial patella luxation repair.

He has been certified in abdominal ultrasound and thoracic ultrasound.

In his free time he attends continuing education lectures online, reads text books on internal medicine, surgery, radiology, and clinical pathology and shadows various specialists around the state. Recently he has been going to Oklahoma State University sharpening his clinical pathology skills. He shadows a specialty surgeon. He also works emergency and critical care at the Animal Emergency and Surgical Center in Oklahoma City some weekends.

He holds an award from the State board for the extra hours of continuing education that he obtained past the required amount.

His research interests are being involved with new oncology clinical trials a pancreatitis clinical trial as well as other various clinical trials.

His hobbies include 7 mile walks every day with his dog named Denver then later going to the gym to lift. He is a member of St. James Catholic Church. He enjoys spending time with friends and family when not at work. He also enjoys going out to work cattle with his cousin on some weekends. His favorite past time is drives through the country enjoying the countryside.  He is a past board member of The Bartlesville Symphony Society.


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