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2015 Pet Facts Blog Posts

Vitamin Supplements for Pets

Daily vitamins and supplements have been a part of our morning ritual for years, and are a familiar sight next to our mugs of morning coffee and orange juice. These supplements provide a variety of health benefits for us - so can they be beneficial to your pet?   Read post »

Teaching Your Cat a New Trick

Training cats is definitely different than training dogs, but with a little work your cat will amaze you with the things they can learn.   Read post »

Busting Bad Dog Behavior - Begging

Is your pup hounding you for food? This is another common behavioral issues in man's best friend. Unfortunately, we tend to promote this behavior by giving in to those big puppy-dog eyes.   Read post »

Busting Bad Cat Behavior: Playing Rough

Cat's playful nature is one of the most beloved traits in kittens and young cats, but sometimes it can hurt! Stalking, chasing, kicking, scratching, pouncing and biting are all a part of kitten play - so what do you do when it's directed at your fingers?   Read post »

Busting Bad Dog Behavior: Dealing with Separation Anxiety

Back to school means fewer people in the house during the day, which could mean you have to leave man's best friend to guard the house. However, if your dog has separation anxiety, they might be the one your house needs guarding from.   Read post »

Busting Bad Cat Behavior: Destructive Scratching

Cats love to scratch and stretch, but this behavior can be a bit frustrating when their favorite scratching post is your favorite chair. By giving your cat options of what to scratch - that aren't your chair - this behavior can be redirected.   Read post »

Busting Bad Dog Behavior: Destructive Chewing

Destructive chewing is one of the most common behavioral issues in our canine companions. This behavior has many possible causes, each with a different approach necessary for correction.   Read post »


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