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How to Keep Your Pet Safe at Your Next Cookout

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A Dog Eyeing a Piece of Grilled Meat

Hot Dog!

There are lots of ways to celebrate Labor Day, but one of the most common get together is the cookout. Nothing says "fun" like gathering with your friends and family outside and grilling a delicious meal in the warm sun. We've got some special tips for those of us whose family gathering includes the family pet!

Let's get Grilling

While you are preparing for your cookout is a good time to make sure your charcoal, lighter fluid, matches, and grill brushes are out of reach of your pet. Both matches and lighter fluid are toxic to your pet, and the metal bristles of your grill brush can break off in your pet's mouth and pierce their esophagus, stomach, or intestines if swallowed.

Once the party has started, keep your pet occupied or indoors while you're cooking. The aroma of delicious meats on the grill is extremely tempting for our pets, and they may try to jump on the grill. This can lead to serious burns to you, your pet, or your property. If keeping your pet indoors is not an option, ask a guest to play with them while the food is cooking. Even after the food is done, be sure to keep an eye on your pet to make sure they don't try to investigate the grill while it's still hot.

Chow Down

Make sure you and your guests remember not to share your feast with your pet. As tempting as those puppy-dog eyes are, many of our favorite cookout foods include ingredients and spices that can make your pet really sick. You'll also want to make sure that any adult beverages are out of reach because alcohol is toxic to pets. If you would like to include your pet in the fun with a special treat, some great options include frozen watermelon cubes, frozen blueberries, grilled (and cooled!) sweet potato, and hot dogs cut into small pieces. 

The Bugs of Summer

Every pet owner knows the true horror of summer. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitos plague us and our pets every year. Fight back! Make sure your pet is up to date on their flea and tick prevention to ensure they're safe from common pests. Stay tuned for more info on preventing and getting rid of fleas and ticks in a later Pet Fact!

Last but Not Least - Have Fun!

Don't forget to enjoy the company of your guests and your pet! Labor Day is a time to make memories, have fun, and enjoy the warm weather. So take breaks, relax, and don't forget to take pictures! We'd love to see how you and your pet enjoyed your cookout! Submit your cookout pictures to the Manley Animal Hospital Facebook page, and your photo could be featured on our page!


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