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Busting Bad Dog Behavior - Begging

Categories: Busting Bad Behavior, Dogs

A small, cute dog begging for food at the table.

Is your pup hounding you for food? This is another common behavioral issue in man's best friend. Unfortunately, we tend to promote this behavior by giving in to those big puppy-dog eyes.

This behavior is correctable, but it takes discipline and patience. The best thing you can do to end this behavior is to not give in to your dog; no food and no attention. Giving in to your dog's demands will promote the behavior by showing them that they can get results.

Remember that your dog is well fed and they aren't going to starve if you refuse them that bite of chicken. Use discipline consistently if you want your dog to break the habit. They need to know that begging will not work in any situation.

It may take time to teach your dog to learn perfect table manners, but don't give up!


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